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RI Lakes

A recent scientific report determined that there are more than 117 million lakes in the world (Verpooter et al. 2014). Over 200 of these lakes are in beautiful Rhode Island. Rhode Islanders love their lakes, and to ensure that each lake has water safe to drink and nice to swim in, the water quality of each lake in RI is regularly monitored by an army of volunteers. The effort is coordinated by the URI Watershed Watch Program, and one lake, Cunliffe Pond, is monitored by a team Brown University students led by fellow graduate student Marc Mayes and myself. For a full overview of the Watershed Watch program, visit this site. Scroll down to see pictures from Cunliffe Pond.

New York Geology Blitz

Our general driving route

We’re going backwards in time here.  I want to recap a bit of the last summer and fall, starting with the annual Brown geology graduate field trip.  This is a trip that I led in August and was essentially a geologic tour of New York state.  Below are some highlights and photos from the epic journey. Continue reading