Limnology Field Trip

Yeah, we take limnology seriously

Well, classes are wrapping up at Brown and my official duties as Limnology TA are done. But my unofficial duties aren’t complete until I get some more awesome limno field trip pictures online. The class does two trips to Pout Pond (Belmont, NH) each year. The first trip is in winter (see previous post), and the second trip, shown here, is in spring.

Assembling the floating coin-purse (*coin purse copyright Sarah Ivory). This is a foldable boat, a true marvel of engineering, but about as difficult to paddle as a bathtub.

A view of beautiful Pout Pond (littered with limnologists)

Lovinia and Keven find the deepest hole in the lake with depth sounders.

Not sure what’s going on, but doesn’t it look like a nice day on the water.

Ok, as TA, I have the very important job of keeping everyone safe and overseeing duties. Aka relaxing in a floating lazy-boy.

View from my floating lazy-boy.

Keven checking the secchi depth.

Keven finds out that alkalinity is still low in Pout Pond, even after all these years.

Aly and Sally collect water while Jim looks on with either heartfelt approval or disapproval (hard to tell).

Mission accomplished