I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am a geologist, studying climate, limnology and paleolimnology, biogeochemistry, water isotope systematics, and diatoms.  My research is primarily focused in the Arctic, but I also have ongoing projects in urban ponds and the Laurentian Great Lakes. I am particularly interested in applications of lipid biomarkers (GDGTs, diols, leaf waxes) and isotope ratios (D/H, 13C/12C, 15N/14N) for paleoclimate reconstructions. My research is driven by the need to understand the complex interactions between earth’s climate, biosphere, and human population.Lakes are wonderful integrators and recorders of the environmental changes going on around them. Their sediments often contain an archive of those changes, and by analyzing the mineralogy, biological and chemical fossils, sediment grain size, and other properties of the sediment, I aim to decipher those past changes.

You can also find in this website my photoblog of field work, science updates, other random goings-on, as well as my CV.

  • Phone: 612-226-9790
  • Email: dani0357@d.umn.edu