UMass BioGeoChemistry Lab performs limnology fieldwork in Maine

The Biogeochemistry lab with an interval sediment trap at Basin Pond (Photo: Isla Castañeda)

In early October, the BGC lab, led by Dr. Isla Castañeda, went on a field excursion to central Maine.

The goal was to collect soil and sediment samples, and to retrieve an interval sediment trap deployed in Basin Pond. The purpose of the research is to determine if branched GDGTs, an important paleoclimate proxy in lake sediments, are produced in the watershed soils or in-situ in the lake. If they are produced by organisms in the lake, at what water depth and during what season? Our field team consisted of Dr. Castañeda, myself, research assistant Thivanka Ariyarathna, and graduate students Dan MIller, Helen Habicht, Benjamin Keisling, and Boyang Zhao. It was a tough/chilly field day, but in the end we successfully found and re-deployed the sediment trap, collected a lot of soils and sediments, and enjoyed the epically beautiful Fall colors in Maine. (Photo credits to Isla Castañeda unless noted)

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