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Providence Canoe Adventure


The Providence Canoe club is dedicated to the premise that if your canoe is more fragile than your adventurous spirit, then you need a different canoe. Canoes should not be treated like a glass figurine. They should be happily used to take us across any waterbody we so choose regardless of the bushes, logs, ice, or cliffs that are in the way. Continue reading

Road Trip: Rhode Island to Texas

Earlier this summer, I drove with Carrie to move her in to her new home in Austin, Texas. We drove from the smallest state to one of the biggest.

The stats: 2498 miles. 2 Saturn V rockets. 1 Great Dane. 3 cups Billy’s Special Sauce. 5000 Pez dispensers. 2 terrible books on tape. Five days over 100 degrees.

New York Geology Blitz

Our general driving route

We’re going backwards in time here.  I want to recap a bit of the last summer and fall, starting with the annual Brown geology graduate field trip.  This is a trip that I led in August and was essentially a geologic tour of New York state.  Below are some highlights and photos from the epic journey. Continue reading