My first blog post

Hi, happy New Year, and welcome to my first blog page.  This will be short and sweet as it is just a practice run.  This blog will mostly contain cool science and associated jargon, along with book recommendations and occasional updates on my life, travels, and axolotl.

Book recommendation:  Land of Extremes: A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE ARCTIC NORTH SLOPE OF ALASKA by Alex Huryn and John Hobbie.  Did you know that in the winter that Arctic Ground Squirrels enter a “brain dead” state and reduce their body temperatures to -3 C?  Did you know that scientists can use the size of lichens to estimate how long it has been since glacial retreat?  This book is an interesting, systematic, and thorough guide to the nature you might encounter while traveling through northern Alaska.  It contains many pictures, most of which are in the region of my graduate field sites. It is good for scientists and general readers alike and I’m calling it a ‘must read’ if you plan to travel to the Arctic.

I recently moved to Falmouth, MA.  With the new apartment came a new tank for the pet axolotl, Thing 1.  Here he is hanging out, which is what he does most of the time.  Isn’t he a cutie?