Winter Break Pics

Hi, I wanted to share the awesome winter sport of snow mini-golf with everyone. This is a sport introduced to me by my uncle over X-mas break. If you’ve been trying to make the best of this snow-filled New England winter, consider adding this to your list of activities.

The basic tenents of the game are thus:

1) Miniature golf style holes are shoveled and built on a frozen lake. Make sure there is enough ice to be safe! Everyone needs to design one or two holes. We tried to be thematic and also used sleds/shovels/etc as props.

Hole #6

Hole #2

Hole #3

Hole #10 – The spiral of doom.

2) Use an ice-auger to drill the holes

3) Play golf. We used tennis balls and whatever golf clubs/hockey sticks/broomball brooms/skis were available as clubs.

The crowd gathers and the tension grows.

Pete Daniels – the Tiger Woods of snowgolf


Ky putts down the only land-based hole.

JD chooses an x-country ski to chip up the hill. Interesting choice, but highly effective.

Chip shot

Matching Christmas shirts. Gross or cute? Either way, warm during a game of snow mini-golf.